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NDA access for Telecom Paristech Research Team
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Hello all,
Wanted to flag that an NDA has been fully signed for the researchers on this project:

Each user request has an individual tracking task:

Diego da Hora T201197
Marc Jeanmougin T201198
Dario Rossi T201196
Flavia Salutari T201199

They have been added to the NDA/MOU spreadsheet shared by legal and operations.

I believe they will need Eventlogging and cluster access, but it's worth double checking with their point of contact, Gilles Dubuc.

Thank you.

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@Gilles I've added the access request checklist for reference. Could you please clarify what group memberships are being requested for these users?

Also, do these users already have Phabricator accounts? If so let's subscribe them to this task to provide input regarding desired usernames, ssh keys, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Was just told @Gilles is out of the office. @Imarlier would you be able to answer the above?

@herron Unfortunately, I can't really answer these questions, @Gilles has been driving this process. It'll have to wait for him to have a chance to respond. I will ping him on IRC with a link to this, in case he gets a couple of minutes.

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Thanks @Imarlier sounds good. Marking as stalled until then.

They need access to Eventlogging data, preferably on Hadoop/Spark. I've asked them to sign up for phabricator and respond here.

They will need analytics-privatedata-users for access to EventLogging data in Hadoop.

Dear all,

I have been doing my homework and in particular:

  • signed the L3 agreement document
  • wikitech username = "Dario Rossi" (or "drossi")
  • preferred shell username = "drossi"
  • email address = ""
  • for full reasoning for access, see Gilles answer
  • wikipedia-only RSA2048 public key:
  • ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC/ezle/PMBu6wl5fwA/It/nPgzDJB3hi3x1NoFZl12QOCL7RjN8gqmQiBoLLUCEM34X1DqINU453oZAfvH9ZnbFbU9feajDJvs5W5Mgw9Y7uGRRjludBLA1rqBCPKGNZZdZzsYJ2I1XnQxIDC2+/Hp/UPaXU2AfaRKPVujfWGa6zuZqATiU1dh7Oiyl6svZc3oF4ef1a/4u651WnoG0YbIz6BV0SD+Tm9TJpt7p5HVPd6BizyXp1ed9E+2SeDSr3LW+RN6Neb1Uqr0IVxSGos3X4xJu4roV6FZ7sl7q/edeLPvcBUAEKXFVPojgXy3ACMzwtIlmTx2sKB/cHJYXi71 drossi@segv

please let me know if there is anything else you need on my side


Thanks @Rossi.dario.g! I've created T201196 to track your individual access request, and moved your access request checklist into this task.

I've done the same for the other user requests as well, so when the time comes please please place updates in the per-user tracking tasks. Thanks!

Hello @Rossi.dario.g

I see you have provided all the info and a key, thanks for that.

I just can't find your Wikitech user yet. Have you created it or did you just specify your desired name there?

Can you actually create it at and let us know when done?

Thank you!

RobH subscribed.

Subtasks have been filed for all 4 users and their access requests. As such, this task is being resolved. Each user should track their access request via the sub-task.

Additionally, ALL FOUR of these sub-tasks require input from their users to move forward, none of them are ready for immediate processing. They have all been awaiting this user feedback for weeks.

Hi all,

back from holidays, was finally able to create my wikitech account.

I guess everything is ready now so I re-opened task T201196 -- thanks in
advance for your help!
T201196 analytics-privatedata-users access for Dario Rossi (username drossi)