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Use language names instead of language codes in edit summaries
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As a reviewer, I want to see the language which an edit affects as a language name in my own language, not as an opaque language code, so that I can understand the edit easier without having to memorize MediaWiki language codes. And I want this to happen consistently, for all messages, and ideally on most or all Wikibase installations.

In automatic summaries for edits involving terms, Wikibase includes the language code in the message, in brackets. Wikidata overrides some of those messages with a hack which inserts the language name instead (see T196290#4465336 for details). We should incorporate this as a proper feature into Wikibase, available for all installations, applied to all messages, without any on-wiki hacks.

Changing a label uses the language name, but adding and removing one doesn’t. This is because Wikidata currently has local overrides for wikibase-entity-summary-wbsetlabel-set but not -add and -remove.

GIVEN I look at an edit that changed the terms of an item or property, or the lemmas of a lexeme, or the representations of a form, or the glosses of a sense, or any other kind of term anywhere; either on the diff page, or on recent changes, or on the watchlist, or anywhere else;
WHEN I read the automatic summary
THEN the language name in my current language is used, and the language code is not visible.

Acceptance criteria:

  • On any Wikibase installation with the CLDR extension installed (which provides language names in other languages), such as Wikidata, edit summaries use language names, not language codes.

Open questions:

  • What about wikis without CLDR? Without that extension, MediaWiki can only provide the language autonym (its name in that same language). However, if we surround the language name in a <span> and add the language code as title attribute, I feel like that might be enough to make the language accessible to users. (This could happen unconditionally – the language code can be useful on CLDR wikis as well.)

Event Timeline

One way to fix this would be to change the messages from e. g.

Changed [$2] label


Changed <span title="$2">{{#language:$2|{{USERLANGUAGE}}}}</span> label

but that requires T4085: Add a {{USERLANGUAGE}} magic word.

Side note: since this task was created, the inconsistency has apparently become slightly worse, with the wikibase-entity-summary-wbeditentity-update-languages-short message (introduced in T224013) showing language codes but without brackets around them.