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New Pages Feed: filters not working correctly in test wiki
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@Etonkovidova @SBisson

I just tested all the drafts in testwiki to make sure they were being filtered to the correct places in the New Pages Feed, and most of them are not. There are 19 non-redirect drafts in testwiki. Only 12 of them are present in the New Pages Feed, and only five of those are filtered to the correct state given their categories. When I create new drafts, however, all the filtering works fine regardless of their state. But it's important that the existing drafts also filter correctly because community members will be testing this.

Below is a screenshot of a spreadsheet that shows all the drafts, with the following columns:

  • Pending AfC submissions: whether it has this category
  • Declined AfC submissions: whether it has this category
  • Pending AfC submissions being reviewed now: whether it has this category
  • Listed under "All": whether it is in the New Pages Feed when state is filtered to "All". All drafts should have this.
  • State in feed: under which state filters the draft appears in the New Pages Feed. If blank, it means that the draft does not appear for any of [Unsubmitted, Awaiting review, Under review, Declined]. All drafts should appear under one of those.
  • Expected state: given the categories present, what state the draft should be appearing under.
  • State status: whether "State in feed" matches "Expected state".

@SBisson -- could you please determine whether this is something we should be looking into or whether it makes more sense for Community Tech?

image.png (440×1 px, 102 KB)

Event Timeline

There is one strange case when Draft:Test 2 Zilant63(rev_page=100361) that went through (Created-Submit-Under review-Declined) and seemingly has all properly marked revisions (categories and templates) still does not show up in 'Declined' filter.
Exactly the same steps were used for Draft:Zilant63 Test5 (rev_page=100477) and it shows up in'Declined'.

I've posted my analysis here: T196181#4472185

The data in testwiki was incomplete but it should be fixed now. My guess is that is was not correctly backfilled and it's not necessarily a bug in the software.

Re-checked in testwiki - all drafts are marked properly and correctly identified by the filters. Draft:Zilant63 Test5 is in Under review filter.