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Implement a 'By pages views' set of filters
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Most viewed pages may not be the ones a human can identify, but they are possibly most edited ones.
Also some pages don't have much views and are not edited much. Which means that a vandalism can stay during a long time in those pages.

Get a "top 100 viewed" filter and a "less than 10 viewed" filter would help to patrol recent changes and watchlists to monitor contents closely. Those filters would be really useful combined with T163433: Implement 'Category' filters and filter menu in the new UI or predictions filters.

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Thanks, @Trizek-WMF -- we will make a triage decision on this once you send over the background and info on all filters issues.

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This is a powerful feature that seems to be a major engineering challenge. The team will not be able to prioritize this in the near future.