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Prepare and check storage layer for wikimaniawiki
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The new wiki is public and it was just created.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2018-08-02T12:48:14Z] <marostegui> Sanitize wikimaniawiki - T201001

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I have sanitized this wiki and my new user was created correctly with all the sanitization done.
It is ready for cloud-services-team to create the views.

I have added the grants to labsdbuser so the script won't fail with access denied:

for i in labsdb1009 labsdb1010 labsdb1011; do echo $i; -h$i -e " show grants for 'labsdbuser';" | grep -i wikimaniawiki;done
GRANT SELECT, SHOW VIEW ON `wikimaniawiki\\_p`.* TO 'labsdbuser'
GRANT SELECT, SHOW VIEW ON `wikimaniawiki\\_p`.* TO 'labsdbuser'
GRANT SELECT, SHOW VIEW ON `wikimaniawiki\\_p`.* TO 'labsdbuser'

It will still fail on that if we don't also create the '_p' DB manually, unfortunately. I can get that in a bit.

I should say it "might fail" since it sometimes might work, as we found :-p

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Scripts run and _p db created.