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Suggest additional pages to block with the Related API
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It might be difficult for admins who are unaware of a subject to also block users from pages related to the pages they are blocking. This will allow people who are blocked to edit similar pages to what they are blocked from.

Use the Related API (example) to suggest pages to block the user from. The admin should be able to click on the page title and add it to the list of pages to block.

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dbarratt triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 2 2018, 9:10 PM
dbarratt created this task.

I like this idea, it will certainly be less complicated than Category blocking

@TBolliger Can you kindly clarify the rationale behind the decline?

@TBolliger Can you kindly clarify the rationale behind the decline?

The WMF's Anti-Harassment Tools team is going to finish up existing functionality of Page and Namespace blocks and will release them to several Wikipedias before deciding if we'll start on any new features. We want to see what needs come from real-world usage of partial blocks before committing to anything else.

The concept of this ticket may still be valid and useful, but I closed because there is slim information documented so far.