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Migrating to MediaWiki from another high-profile content management system should be a pleasant experience
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We should support people who want to move on from their current content management system and are considering MediaWiki as a replacement. That means:

  • a feature comparison (what features do I lose by migrating? What features do I gain? What things will work better/worse?)
  • matching common features to extensions / config (if you want to do X, you need to install this extension and configure it like this) - especially for things that can be done in MediaWiki via complex and flexible extensions like Semantic Forms
  • ideally, a migration script that does as much of the work as possible
  • a place for asking questions / asking for help
  • a langing page to collect all of the above, which can be found from the MediaWiki download page (or main page)

Some CMS-es that could use such tutorials:

  • Confluence
  • DokuWiki
  • TikiWiki
  • Wikidot
  • Wikispaces (landing page)
  • Wordpress / other blog engines?
  • Drupal / other generic CMSes?
  • Sharepoint / other document management platforms?