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Ability to save several statements on a Sense without reloading the page
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When trying to save a second statement on a Sense, without reloading the page after adding the first, you get an error saying "Could not save due to an error. [W2RNgwpEEZ8AAHzXkVoAAAAB] Exception caught: Diffing the provided types of entities is not supported."

GIVEN I save a statement on a Sense
AND do not reload the page
WHEN I save a second statement on a Senses
THEN the statement is saved

Acceptance criteria:

  • No error message is shown
  • An arbitrary number of edits on a Sense can be made without reloading the page

Event Timeline

After adding patcher and differ to show diffs in lexeme, this should have been done for free. I just tested and it worked as expected. I move it to test for product

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