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Clean up traces of archived extensions and skins
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Over the years, more than a thousand extensions have been archived on Doubtless for many of them, this archival was done without concern for other traces related to the extensions; T190671: Identify archived extensions on but not on Gerrit (and viceversa) and T201250: Archive the LilyPond extension are examples of a specific type of leftover and of an incompletely archived extension, respectively; the latter task shows that even extensions or skins which were archived years ago (Extension:LilyPond was archived on in 2013) can still have lingering traces. We should track all of these down and clean them up.

Note that this ticket is not specifically about extensions/skins archived on, but also about any archived in Gerrit, etc.

For reference, these are the currently known possible leftovers we would care about and could address (see also the archival checklist):

  • Documentation on
  • Wikidata items.
  • Entries in mediawiki/extensions/mediawiki/skins (along with in .gitmodules).
  • Tests in integration/config (zuul/layout.yaml).
  • Messages on (groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-extensions.txt/groups/MediaWiki/mediawiki-skins.txt).
  • Manifest and other references in mediawiki/vagrant.
  • Integration stuff on if present (requires Continuous-Integration-Infrastructure shell user to delete directly from the server)
  • Phabricator project or open tasks.
  • Diffusion repository.
  • Gerrit repository.
  • GitHub mirror.