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Aug 7 2018, 11:54 AM
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  • sample template and a video has been created
  • a production template is done
  • they are using it on +1000 pages

Family Search would like to see a POC with a small template using NAD as argument see also {T202219: Sveriges Släkforskare: Anbytarforum linking P6303}

POC created

image.png (646×891 px, 106 KB)

image.png (710×994 px, 298 KB)



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Added example of lines to add to the template to get dynamic extra rows if a NAD number is available.... using the Wikidata Hub tool

| label12 = [[Swedish Nationell ArkivDatabas (NAD) Reference Code|NAD Ref Code]]
| data12 = {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}
| label13 = [[Sweden Archives and Libraries#National Archives|National Archive SVAR]]
| data13 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P5324 link]|}}
| label14 = Swedish Wikipedia 
| data14 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?lang=sv link]|}}
| label15 = SCB Congregation map 
| data15 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P778 link]|}}
| label16 = Open Street map 
| data16 = {{#if: {{{NAD Ref Code|}}}| [{{{NAD Ref Code}}}?property=P625 link]|}}

69F226A6-1480-4B14-92E1-2E1A7A35B960.jpeg (688×750 px, 235 KB)

Next step is adding Bygdeband a Swedish site containing crowdsourced material and property P6192

see blog and T210062: Add Bygdeband to Wikidata as a Property and match "Församlingar" Property 6192

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Asked if connecting also to Arkiv Digital using NAD and answer was not now

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