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Allow using Content Translation from the "Expand Language" template
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The Expand Language template encourages users to expand an article by translating content from another language. Content Translation can help in that context by making translation easy, and encouraging a good use of machine translations beyond providing instructions (i.e., actually measuring how much it is modified).

This ticket proposes to provide easy access to Content Translation from the "Expand Language" template, in order to better support the translation process suggested by the template.

Some considerations:

  • We may want to consider this effort only once Content Translation has better support for expanding existing articles (T114850), since the tool is currently focused on creating new articles.
  • This template is available in 39 languages, we need to involve the corresponding communities and share the possibilities Content Translation allows in this front for them to support the new entry point.
  • Content Translation is available only to logged-in users, we need to consider the behaviour for both logged and antonymous users.