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Video thumbnail and video wont play
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Hi, I just uploaded a 4k video of icebergs made by nasa, and it's not rendering as a thumbnail or even playing:

this was the source:

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file is File:GreenlandReel_Icebergs_2160APR.webm

Seems to have been recorded with width/height of 0, which is wrong -- I see the actual 4k sizes in the metadata. Not sure why it got misdetected.

Trying to use refreshImageMetadata.php doesn't update the width/height.

Manually re-uploading the file with importImages.php fails at recordUpload step.

Not sure how to fix other than manually changing the record or delete/reupload... will take another look later.

EBML parser thinks the file is incomplete; got cropped shortly before 128MB

'error' =>
  array(1) {
    [0] =>
    string(48) "EBML parser: ran out of file at offset 132105654"

I remuxed the file with ffmpeg, and reuploaded the new file and it's happier. Looks like the cues didn't get written properly by the original conversion program.

$ ffmpeg -i GreenlandReel_Icebergs_2160APR.webm -f webm -vcodec copy -acodec copy greenland2.webm