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Slider for translations on WTG
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When loading in Firefox 61.0.1 and Safari 9.1.1, a slider appears briefly below the list of translations available at the top, but then disappears. I am able to click and drag the whole list left or right, but it's a little counterintuitive. Would it be possible to make the slider stick, or insert an easier way to see the translations available on the right side of the list?

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MBeat33 created this task.Aug 7 2018, 6:25 PM
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Thanks Michael. You're not the first person to raise this as a usability issue. @schoenbaechler and I are already thinking about alternatives.

(cc @Varnent)

Pcoombe claimed this task.Sep 12 2018, 4:17 PM

@schoenbaechler I've made a first pass at the design you suggested over email.

Any thoughts? I think we're better using an icon since it won't need more translations and can take a consistent amount of space, although I'm not sure if this is the best one.

Next steps:

  • add a hover effect and better cursor
  • change the icon when expanded
  • tweak the spacing on mobile
  • try and hide the icon when there are few languages and it's unneeded
Pcoombe closed this task as Resolved.Sep 13 2018, 4:13 PM

Okay, managed to do all the above and I think it's looking a lot better now.

@MBeat33 Please let us know if there's any donors still getting confused.

Will do! Thank you @Pcoombe

This is awesome (and even keyboard accessible) @Pcoombe!

The only suggestion I have is to change the icon’s rotation when expanded. Instead of ’transform: rotate(-90deg);’ I’d set it to ’’transform: rotate(90deg);’. It’s debatable but I find its movement more natural with ’90deg’, see video below:

@schoenbaechler Thanks, that's one thing I wasn't sure about. I think you're right, and have edited it to rotate 90deg now.