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Consider releasing Special:Block UI changes as an opt-in beta feature for a limited period of time
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To prevent "I don't like it because it's unexpected and/or new" feedback we could have our changes to the Special:Block UI for Partial Blocks be opt-in for a period of time before becoming the default. This could be a Labs feature of a separate preference. We'd also need a way for users to submit feedback and opt back out of the new UI.

Note that this would only affect an individual user's display of Special:Block, not the availability of Partial Blocks or the UI of anyone else's site.

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What happens if someone creates a Partial Block (with the new UI) but then someone tries to edit the block (with the old UI)?

Good question. We could have a small UI element or dialog box that informs the admin as such (and encourages them to opt-in!)

This is primarily to mitigate for workflow interruption, not the release of Partial Blocks.