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Move FormWizard extension to new Gerrit repository.
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The code currently resides in a git repository and there is need for development to continue on gerrit for more visibility..

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Hello @Eugene233, for tracking purposes, can you tell us what the relationship is between your work on FormWizard and Africa Wikimedia Developers? We're trying to gather statistics for volunteers contributing specifically via the project (as we're running a pilot) and we need to know if your contributions are part of this as a volunteer role?

If you realize, there are tickets that were tagged on this work board and later removed because it was not solved by a volunteer from Africa in relation to the project, we need consistency to help us get real values.

@D3r1ck01 Thanks for you comments. I will like to make it clear that the intention for tagging this project with Africa-Wikimedia-Developers was originally to curate issues in the future such as T201118 which are minor tasks for people like @BamLifa who expressed his interest on T198962 to hook up and do something on the project. There is need for the emerging communities to know how to connect with this project and thinking of Africa-Wikimedia-Developers as a good platform for those who can get acquainted by keeping track of what is done on the project could be a better way to let those in emerging communities have a fore-taste of the actual product. Could this not conform with the view of AWMD core team?

Thanks for your reply @Eugene233, for simplicity and easy for tracking, add the minor issues
you see necessary for people interested to work on. No need to add each and every ticket on the work board, or is it necessary?

@D3r1ck01 I think that the Africa-Wikimedia-Developers Core Team should be able to answer that.

The work board is for simple starter issues for newbies from Africa to work on! So it's not necessary to add each and every ticket you create on the work board and more over, you're the one working on them so far. On phabricator, there is a personal work board feature and you can request one if you need it. In this light, putting tickets on AWMD work board which are not necessary will just scare newbies away and that is not what we want. Thanks!

For example, how does this task T201488 concern AWMD and who will work on it? So the basic idea is making sure to put tasks that are relevant to the newbies looking at the work board for simple issues. The work board is not for personal use :)

Thanks very much @D3r1ck01 for the suggestions.