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Evaluate the effectiveness of the current Visual Editor user interface
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Planning Document:

Google Doc


Before diving into any edits, tweaks or redesigns for the visual editor, we need to know what is currently working in the web editing experience and where there is room for improvement.


A heuristic evaluation is a design method (referred to in all related Phabricator tasks as "expert review" with the hope of reducing confusion over design jargon) that will give us an opportunity to methodically review the usability of key touchpoints. This review will focus on the mobile editing experience for Wikipedia editors using the visual editor.

Goals of Study:

  1. Identify what works well in the current mobile visual editor experience
  2. Identify opportunities for usability improvements to core tasks of mobile web editing.
  3. Set the stage for prototyping of new ideas.


To do before study can begin:

  • Identify what principles we will be evaluating T201549
  • Recruit 1- 3 additional evaluators T201550
  • Write script for evaluators to follow T202645
  • Write and share evaluator guide

To do when running the study:

  • Send out tests to evaluators

To do after study:

Event Timeline

I'm going to update this task because I realize that there are a few more tasks that I need to complete before running the test:

  • write script for evaluators to follow
  • write guide for evaluators and share

We will be running the study this week. The following expert reviewers should expect to receive the link sent to them via email:

Thank you for taking the time to do this for study.

cc/ @Arrbee

I recorded the test as I did it on my phone for the purposes of documentation.

Nice one @iamjessklein – btw I plan to use an app called DU Recorder when I do the test.

Recommended for those testing on iOS or Android devices as it can record voice and phone gestures, even turn on the front camera to capture a user's reactions (though I will not be using that feature :))

Thanks @RHo ! I'll try this app next time around. Your vid was very helpful.

The shareouts are scheduled for this week. Since this is a planning ticket, I'm going to close it. We've completed all of the tasks.