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Unify 'edit notices' technology stack
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There is a variety of edit page related 'notices' usually displayed above the textarea in the traditional EditPage view, which have similar functionality yet diverse logic for adding them to this page as well as highly differing visual representations.

These notices are also not tracked in core and thus not queryable by API (T45683) and mostly lack structured information to decouple presentation from the data (which would be handy for non-HTML edit tools). These notices are roughly:

User level notices

  • no permission to edit

Page level notices from core

Site specific Page level notices

Challenge is that these already are heavily customised on many wikis.

Event Timeline

This sounds to me like something that T107595 (Multi-Content Revisions) could be useful for.

@AfroThundr3007730 Usually these notices are not rly revision specific however. (protection expires, namespace/page notices are removed and/or added based on the behaviour of the audience/not the content etc etc).

Mostly I just miss the PHP class EditPageNotice.

There's also the editintro parameter to index.php.

@Tgr already captured in the description, by point 4 of "Site specific Page level notices"