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Growth: 2018-2019 annual plan metrics report
Closed, ResolvedPublicJun 1 2019


The Growth team needs to create a report to track our annual plan metrics for 2018-2019. This report will be shared with the broader WMF organization and will be posted here on

According to the annual plan, the Growth team's main metric is second-month new contributor retention in Czech and Korean Wikipedias. There is also a secondary metric, "mentor retention", that we will also want to report on if/when our team implements mentorship programs.

Therefore, the task is to:

  • Build a report that tracks second-month new contributor retention rate among logged-in users in Czech and Korean Wikipedias.
  • The same report should also track these metrics that are relevant to the Growth team's upcoming work:
    • Day One Activation Rate
    • Two-Week Retention Rate
    • Six-Week Survival Rate
  • If it trivial to make additional mid-size wikis available in the report, we should add that capability.
  • The report should be built in Superset.
  • The report should update on a sensible schedule. If we are tracking second-week retention, perhaps it should update weekly.
  • The report should follow these four general requirements:
    • Discoverable: it should be linked at so that others can find it.
    • Unique: we should make sure that other teams are not producing similar, redundant reports.
    • Accessible: it should be labeled and explained with accompanying written content that defines terms and data sources, such that people unfamiliar with our team's work can still follow along.
    • Certified: we should continue to validate that the report is tracking reality correctly.

Before making a final product in Superset, it would probably make sense to make prototype versions in something like Google Sheets or a Python notebook.


Due Date
Jun 1 2019, 7:00 AM

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The deadline on this task was 7 days ago. Any news? Or any new deadline?

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@MMiller_WMF : given that we've had the Year in Review, can we close this task?

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That's fine. Thanks.