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Wikimedia Community User Group Albania mailing list request
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  • Requested name of the mailing list (
  • Reasoning/explanation of purpose: We the Wikimedia Community User Group Albania (WCUGA) are a new user group and would like to have a publik mailing list, in order to have a place where we can discuss with each other and other community members who would like to get in touch with us,
  • Initial list administrator's email address:,,
  • Secondary list administrator's email address:,,

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Dzahn added a subscriber: Dzahn.

You have successfully created the mailing list wikimedia-wcuga and notification has been sent to the list owner You can now:

Visit the list's info page
Visit the list's admin page

I have added the list description and the admins (6 admins? wow that's a few). Please note you might have received 2 mails with a password, first an initial one and then another one that went to all admins. That second one is the working one. Please note there is only ONE password for the list at any given time, there are no individual accounts, so you have to share that and keep it in sync with the other admins.

All other settings are default and up to you to change. Enjoy

Hi @Dzahn,
Thank you for your help.
Can I ask a last thing. It seems to have an issue with subscription. When someone wants to subscribe there is a 403 Forbbien message as below:
'You don't have permission to access /mailman/subscribe/wikimedia-wcuga on this server.'

Would appreciate your help on how to fix this.

Hi @Sidorela

how are they subscribing? I can't really confirm that behaviour:

When i fill out the "subscribe" from on i get sent to:

and it says

"Your subscription request has been received, and will soon be acted upon. Depending on the configuration of this mailing list, your subscription request may have to be first confirmed by you via email, or approved by the list moderator. If confirmation is required, you will soon get a confirmation email which contains further instructions"

I have a suspicion it might be related to browser version. Are the users using Chrome by any chance? Can you let the same user try with Firefox or another browser?



also: as an admin you can use a form in the admin interface to mass subscribe people or even lists of people all at once

how are they subscribing? I can't really confirm that behaviour:

Side effect of if you're all on the same IP.
Workaround: Try again after 30 minutes.

@Aklapper no we are not on the same IP, noone was able to register yet.

@Dzahn yes I tried from the subscriber form there, from different PCs and different browsers and the same error again.

@herron Can you think of any antivandalism measures triggering this? Maybe it affects all of a large Albanian provider?

There is also an RBL check that will refuse subscription requests from IP addresses that are listed in spam blocklists. If you could provide a few of the IP addresses used when attempting to subscribe we can check the logs to see if this is the case, or if you prefer you could perform an RBL lookup on the IPs used yourself.

Hi @herron one of the IP's is:

I also tried to subscribe to other mailing-lists but still happens the same error.