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VisualEditor: <ref> references overrides tempaltes with ref
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Suppose we edit a page with the following content:

ABC{{ref|1}} BBB

Using VE, cite option we add additional ref so the output text will be:

ABC{{ref|1}} BBB<ref>{{Cite news...}}</ref>

Expected: references should show 2 citations,
Actual: it shows only the second (newly added) INSTEAD of the first

(I noticed this bug in hewiki, but the bug report uses English names for templates for clarity. For reproducing the bug in hewiki, use {{הערה}} instead of {{ref}} and {{הערות שוליים}} instead of {{references}})

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There is already a bug for this on I don't think this is an issue on because {{ref}} is deprecated ("This is no longer the recommended method of citing sources").