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Upload-by-URL should run in background, report feedback interactively to user
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Uploading a very large file from an external URL could take a significant amount of time -- potentially minutes or hours. In this case it isn't really appropriate to do the downloading within the PHP web interface; it should be spawned to a background process of some sort.

Progress needs to be shown to the user interactively, and they need to be able to go back and look at the status to check up on their upload if they've navigated away from it.

Needs some consideration on the best UI model and backend model.

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Severity: enhancement



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mdale wrote:

this is working in the new-upload branch. r50288

We spin off a separate php process and hand back the user an upload session id. The user then checks against the api every other second and get status updates on the download. Once its complete a link to the resource is provide. If there is an error the error shows up when you request a status update.

The mv_embed add_media_wizard installed to view the interactive http download progress. The JS that drives interface for progress indicators is stored in extensions/MetavidWiki/skins/mv_embed/libAddMedia/mvUploader.js

I'd say keep this open until the branch is merged to trunk. Let's not count our chickens. :D

mdale wrote:

You no longer requires you install the add_media_wizard as the script-loader branch has been merged with new-upload.

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

This got in but was eventually broken. Assigning to myself as a reminder that I should fix this some day.

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