Accidentical overwriting of newest version
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Author: timwi

Originally submitted by Nobody/Anonymous - nobody  2004-08-12 22:28

(Is there really no Wikipage to discuss this first

before submitting a report?)

the possibility was raised, that the suspected
vandalism may be in fact a software problem which let
some users not see the newest version. And let them
overwrite it with an edited older version.

Now there was a similiar case in [[Unicode]], but not
with an anon, so you can ask him, what really happened,
see [[User talk:Bletch]]


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Severity: normal


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wmahan_04 wrote:

On the talk page Bletch said "I am not sure if it Wiki's fault of a simple
oversight on my part". Since the only other evidence for this bug is speculation
about an anonymous vandal, this bug seems too vague to work with. Unless there
is a way to reproduce this bug, it should be closed IMHO.

brion added a comment.Sep 17 2004, 7:00 PM

Could have been accident or temporary caching problem which has since been resolved. Resolving as
WORKSFORME since there is no further report of similar.

river wrote:

CLOSED not verified, no evidence it's a bug.

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