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Provide FY2017-18 update of dev stats for audit report
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Similar to T174950#3579522. Phrase last year was:

Volunteers also contribute in several ways to the Foundation’s wiki software: volunteer software developers add new functionality to the code base, and volunteer language specialists add to the code base by translating the wiki interface into different languages. During the year ended June 30, 2017, there were 41,742 commits merged, through the efforts of approximately 403 authors/contributors.

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Aklapper created this task.

For better understanding: It is impossible to get correct Git code repository (not: Gerrit) statistics as we import a bunch of upstream repositories (and their git history) but then apply custom changes only for Wikimedia.
Example: Local merged patches in vs the entire history of both local and upstream merged patches in

The Git (not Gerrit which is for code review, and in Gerrit a proposed code change can get accepted, abandoned, or remain unreviewed) stats at (excluding a bunch of repositories again which is not a definite perfect list either and might be incomplete as our software stack changes) show 50904 commits and 420 authors. That link uses a list of excluded repositories which we also applied in the previous two audit report editions and which I don't trust as per reasons outlined in the first paragraph here.

Which made me wonder whether to use the numbers for merged code changes in Gerrit instead of Git stats. (Note to myself: must set author_bot:false to exclude bots, e.g.L10n-bot which automatically merges updated translations.)
That's which says that 48652 commits by 413 human authors got merged into Wikimedia Git repositories between 2017-07-01 and 2018-06-30. Those are the numbers I trust enough to go with.
Note that these numbers are not only volunteers but anybody. If numbers for volunteers-only were wanted, you could click the part called "Independent" on the pie chart.
Note that some code repositories do not use Wikimedia Gerrit but third-party external websites such as Github which we currently do not track due to T109939 blocking T186736.