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Header "x :" includes a NBSP between x and colon
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When I write a normal level-2 header in wikitext with the text "x :", and then inspect the content of the resulting HTML element, I find that its textContent is "x", then a nbsp, then a ":". This is unexpected: I would normally think a normal space in the wikitext would result in a normal space in the HTML.

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APerson created this task.Aug 19 2018, 4:58 AM
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Possible explanation proposed by Brion on Mastodon, from "there's some nbsp replacement around certain punctuation to handle patterns common in French"

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There is a function in MediaWiki called armorFrenchSpaces which does this. It's clearly intended behaviour, and I would even argue that it is correct behaviour for all languages (other than programming languages, perhaps). See$1146

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