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New Extension: ChangeUserPasswords
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I request a new project.
Project Name: mediawiki-extensions-changeuserpasswords
Type: Component
Description: Allow administrators to change user passwords

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I was trying to find out more about that extension - the "Download" link on seems to be broken and there's no "box template" like for other extensions?

This extension has been developed and tested at the University of Duisburg Essen. Here are some screenshots to help understand the usage of the Extension:
(Change User Passwords Special Page is viewable and accessible only to Administrators)

InkedCapture_LI.jpg (510×802 px, 644 KB)

Capture2.PNG (475×1 px, 24 KB)

Capture3.PNG (528×883 px, 17 KB)

None of the download links on that page work. Where is the code? :)

Hi. So it's our first time developing a mediawiki extension. We have the code in our university server. We cannot push the code to Phabricator until a new project is created.

I believe only Project Admins are allowed to create projects. Thank you for the help and support.

Ah, I think there is a misunderstanding here. :) If you want to push your code, see .
We don't use Phabricator for code review but only to mirror repositories and for task tracking. we got it. :) Thank you for the support. :)

Please ping here once the Git/Gerrit code repository has been created - afterwards I'm happy to create a Phabricator project for task/issue tracking if that is wanted

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. It seems the commit was successful but the push was not. I do not have rights to push.

Capture.PNG (203×512 px, 15 KB)
(See error screenshot).

Can you kindly provide the rights? Or should I create a separate branch and not push in master?,members states that you are a repository members. The default setup is that you can propose changes in Gerrit so they have to pass Jenkins and then you can merge them from Gerrit. Direct pushes bypass CI.

If you want to push directly and bypass Jenkins you could follow the steps in by applying them on,access

I wonder if that should be documented on - edits welcome.

(See error screenshot).

For future reference, please include commands performed beforehand, and if possible paste text as text. Thanks!

Thank you. The code is now pushed.

I wonder if that should be documented on - edits welcome.

I think it shouldn't, as it is really bad practice. The only one who should push commits onto gerrit repositories is jenkins. Approving (+2) your own patch can be okay in small projects, however your code should always be added to the changes listed on gerrit to allow future reference ans enforce integration tests.

Hello @Mz83ude it looks like you've done this wrong...

You have pushed a copy of mediawiki core, bundled extensions and your own extension as can be seen at

(Deleted: What Reedy said.)

For the sake of posterity, here's what @Jdforrester-WMF said he did on irc to clean up the repo (after being granted temporary force-push permissions):

$ git filter-branch --subdirectory-filter extensions/ChangeUserPasswords/
$ git push origin --force

This kind of git history rewriting will likely force anyone who had a clone of the previous history to do something like git fetch && git reset origin/master --hard to get a working copy of the repo again.

Thank you for the clean up and the tips. :)

@Mz83ude: Would it be possible to add a license-name field/value to extension.json and the infobox on ?

@Mz83ude: Would it be possible to add a license-name field/value to extension.json and the infobox on ?

Done. :)

@Mz83ude: CC-BY-NC-4.0 is a non-free license and (in my understanding, I might be wrong) violates the requirements to be hosted in Wikimedia Gerrit.