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Persist a/b test data in database
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In order to have this feature ready for use before the campaign starts, we have been storing the a/b test tracking data in files. This was only a workaround, persisting the data in the database is still needed.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The data collected during an a/b test of the donation application is stored in the database.
  • Data that was previously collected in files is migrated to the database.
  • The export instructions for getting to the data are updated
  • The documentation about logging bucket data in the source code of wmde/FundraisingFrontend is updated.

Possible Solution

  • Add a migration that introduces a new database table bucket_log:
    • external_id
    • external_id_type
    • campaign_name
    • bucket_name
  • Implement new BucketLogger that writes to the database.
  • If possible, use Doctrina DBAL instad of ORM, thios avoids the overhead of ORM.
  • Use jq to create a CSV file from the existing data and move it into the database table.


  • Data is currently stored in the file shared/buckets.log on the web server.

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Some work in the bounded context left