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Split ExtVariables into multiple classes
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As ExtVariables becomes more complex, it seems useful to split in mutliple classes, for example for Hooks, the actual parser functions and so on. rECIT and rEPFN could be helpful as an example how to do this. This might especially be helpful for more advanced open feature requests.

While doing this, we could also do some breaking changes to get more standard file and function names. If some feature requests like T191575 are implemented on the way, it should justify bumping the version number to 3.0.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Split ExtVariables in mutltiple classes to Split ExtVariables in multiple classes.Aug 21 2018, 5:01 PM

To make a start, we could move the hook functions to a seperate file. After the MW 1.32 branching point, we could split the parser functions and the actual Variables store as well.

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Change 461262 had a related patch set uploaded (by MGChecker; owner: MGChecker):
[mediawiki/extensions/Variables@master] Moving hooks to their own class

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Change 461262 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Variables@master] Moving hooks to their own class