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cleanupUploadStash.php / swift-codfw backend-fail-delete / cron spam
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There is a Mediawiki maintenance cron job running:


The full command line is:

command => '/usr/local/bin/foreachwiki maintenance/cleanupUploadStash.php > /dev/null'

So stdout is redirected to /dev/null but stderr is not. The user is <www-data@mwmaint1001>.

Recently we have been getting cron spam from errors like this:

[19] => Array
        [0] => backend-fail-delete
        [1] => mwstore://local-swift-codfw/local-temp/thumb/0/0b/20180819201153!chunkedupload_6f83855c84b5.djvu/page1-230px-20180819201153!chunkedupload_6f83855c84b5.djvu.jpg

All the messages seem to be about swift-codfw, none about eqiad.

Questions for this ticket:

  • How critical / uncommon is this?
  • Does it really just affect codfw?
  • Is it a bug or a feature that we are getting the emails when there is an error like this. Should stderr also be silenced? Should it be a real monitoring check?
  • Why does it fail deleting these files?