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Consider renaming language identifier (i.e. on the left of sitelinks of items) of Cantonese from "zh_yue" to "yue"
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I'm not sure if how to do this is better, but as a key point: We really need that.

The reasons are simply overlapping T112426: There are code maintainers who really wanna run speed trains, that they wanna just query "yue" in their APIs now.

If this is even Community-consensus-needed, I can try. Or maybe we can hope that this can be done during T30441. But anyhow this should happen.

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Agree - the language tag on Wikidata should be made to align with ISO 639 even where the siteID doesn't.

It is clear from the discussion that led to T193360 that there is community consensus on the Cantonese Wikipedia to make this work.

Maybe a good news for us, or maybe not here: T209089, which although looks literary like fixing sidebar, the principles of that do also apply here.

@Ladsgroup In your opinion, how to do this can be better? We really meet this not only on Wikidata sitelinks, but also external querying, mobile, CX, Pywikibots ...

If this can't be answered before October 2019, then I will consider submitting all related tasks to Community Wishlist Survey 2020 (which I'm sure that will open in Oct. 2019).

One big reason everything is so complex and weird is that T113034: RFC: Overhaul Interwiki map, unify with Sites and WikiMap is not implemented and this has been biting us for a very long time now. Maybe we can use APCu cache for site/interwiki lookup. @daniel and @Addshore Any thoughts?

Why "consider" instead of just requesting it this way?