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Write script for Expert Reviewers to follow
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Evaluators need a consistent script to follow when reviewing the user interface of the Visual Editor on mobile web.


This task is to write the script for evaluators to follow when evaluating the user interface of Visual Editor on mobile web.


@aripstra and the design research team previously did a heuristic review for Visual Editor on desktop. The five tasks that they came up with were:

  1. Edit existing text
  2. Add new text
  3. Add a section heading
  4. Add a link
  5. Add a citation

This script should build upon that framework.

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Deskana triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 29 2018, 9:23 AM

I posted the script as part of this process presentation and have received positive feedback.

@Deskana @Esanders - can you give it a final review and either 👎 or 👍 shipping this task? 🚢

Here's a tl;dr summary:


When reading, I (Yankov the Knowledge Sharer) find an interesting fact, so I make an edit on my phone
I want to see the edits that I’m making in context on the article
so that I can easily share quirky facts about art.

The three tasks that experts are asked to perform are:

  1. Add a new section, add new text, format part of the text
  2. Link to another wikipedia article
  3. Add new text with a new citation

Looks good to me!

The tiniest of nitpicks: I would swap the ordering of two and three, to emphasise that generally adding citations is more important than adding links.