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Error when making lists
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Hi, ever since updating AWB to the latest version I've been having multiple issues. The latest one is me getting a "no results" error when I attempt to make a list in the Wiki search area. I've tried swapping the sources (Wiki search, categories) and disabling my antivirus which was causing the installation issues I had previously, but to no avail. I suspected that my firewall would be blocking network access to AWB, but the funny thing is that I can still log in as a user successful; I'm just not able to search up anything. Any idea what's happening and how to solve this?

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Which wiki are you running against?

Apologies for leaving out that detail, I'm running it against the English language Wikipedia.

AWB list error.JPG (412×225 px, 19 KB)
Hmmm, it could be a local issue on my side, but what puzzles me is that I can log in, but I can't search anything at all. Is there a way to totally uninstall AWB (settings, registry stuff all gone) from my comp? I can try reinstalling it to see if it works again.

Edit: Deleting the AWB directory from %appdata% removes all my previously saved settings, but did not solve the issue.

I'm being thick, sorry, yes, you're right.

Wikisearch is broken in the release, but I've already fixed it for the next release see T202209: Wiki search (text) doesn't work -

Are you saying Categories are also broken?

How to use this feature till new version is released?
Can't rollback to previous - it is blacklisted for some reason.
Are there any nightly builds for AWB?

upd. Patched it at binary level: WikiFunctions.dll, offset 0x000D72AC, but there should be more clean solution.

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