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[BUG] Status bar not hidden on landscape phones
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open app to Explore, Saved, or History
  2. Rotate to landscape

Expected results

Status bar is hidden

Actual results

Status bar is visible

Environments observed

App version: 6.0.1 1477
OS versions: 11.4
Device model: iPhone X, 5S
Device language: en


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Testing with Wikipedia 6.0.1 (1483) app and iOS 11.2.2 (iPhone 7). According to the screencaps below the status bar is visible in landscape, I thought the app just developed this way and wasn't a flaw, but to each their own.

@cmadeo, I am not sure I understand this one. Here are a few scenarios I saw on iPhone X:

  1. If the device is vertical and scrolled to the top on Explore, Saved, or History, the status bar is present. If the device is rotated at this point the status bar is still visible in landscape. However, If the device is vertical and scrolled down so that status disappears (partially for saved history) and then rotated, status is not visible.
  1. Neither Saved nor History fully scroll status off. Saved scrolls the search field off screen and History only shrinks a bit. Only Explore seems to fully scroll off screen.

Is the intent to scroll the status fully offscreen on Explore, Saved, and History? Is the intent to automatically hide status when rotating to landscape?


@ABorbaWMF, sorry for the confusion.

The status bar in this case is the built-in system status bar (eg. the part with the time, cell connection, battery etc.) this should be visible on all tabs on portrait (regardless of scroll position) but not visible when the phone is rotated to landscape (regardless of scroll position).