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Notify Yandex proxy users of IP change when instance is migrated to eqiad1 region
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Sometime in the not too distant future the project will be migrated to the new eqiad1 OpenStack region. This migration will require changing the public IP address of the instance because the new OpenStack region has a disjoint public IPv4 subnet allocation. When that new address is assigned Yandex accounts using the proxy will need to update the IP address tied to their accounts.

We will need to identify the users/tools that are affected by this change and notify them of the new IP address to use so that they can connect to Yandex via the proxy again.

Event Timeline

According to the wiki linked in the description, this change appears to have happened.

Did Community-Tech do anything about this?

Have there been any issues?

Should this still be work to do?

The status right now per T212306: Can we delete the VPS project 'yandex-proxy'? is that the proxy has been shut off since 2019-01-02T14:38:43Z. I haven't heard any complaints yet, so possibly it had become unused.

Project deleted.