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Recreate MwEmbedSupport on github
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Even though MwEmbedSupport is now read only users have been cloning from GitHub but now cloning is failing due to the removal from GitHub.

Please re add it

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I don't understand. The task for archiving the MwEmbedSupport extension with the item "delete github mirror" was opened for months (T197918). Nobody objected. I can recreate it certainly, but this back-and-forth work hinders productivity. Thanks.

On the other hand, can't we just ask users to clone from elsewhere? GitHub was never suposed to be our official code repository. They can still clone from gerrit or Phabricator diffusion.

Though having users going through phab or gerrit could cause high load due to the amount of users that could clone it.

MarcoAurelio removed a project: User-MarcoAurelio.

Unnasigning from myself. If it really needs to be done then I can do it, but it's not like recreating it will put the code there back again. For the replication plugin to kick in I need to commit to master and every REL branch we want to display there again.

I think that we should at least wait 2+ releases before deleting a mirror as users use it because it reduces stress on the gerrit server

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Please update your clones to use Gerrit instead.

If Gerrit performance is an issue, we should have a separate bug tracking that, because GitHub is not intended to be an extra load balancer for us. We should be able to support everyone who wants to use MediaWiki using purely free software solutions and privacy friendly hosting.