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MediaWiki:Undelete-revision doesn't render HTML
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Title says it all: bizzarely, wikimarkup is expanded to HTML, but the HTML is then escaped before display. Not sure what's going on, but it's probably not right. While in the process of fixing this, could the <hr> that renders on Special:Undelete immediately below that message be moved into the system message so it can be played with, please?

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: minor



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The message is not parsed (wiki markup expanded to HTML), it's only escaped. Of course this could be changed to allow wiki markup. wrote:

Sort of. Templates are expanded, as are ParserFunctions, but wikimarkup such as links and '''bold''' are not; then everything is escaped. This halfway house is actually worse than plaintext. wrote:

Improve message handling in Special:Undelete. Against r48846

Simple patch, improves message handling; also moves the <hr> inside a labelled div so it can at least be hidden if desired.


Applied in r49184 with some modifications:

  • had to use wfMsgWikiHtml() since paramters are already full HTML with links
  • removed completely the <hr /> since it's redundant with <div class="mw-warning">