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Constraints icon below to media thumbnails looks weird
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Since T46727: [Story] Statement should show a thumbnail for image/video/audio properties was implemented, constraint violations of media values look weird: the media preview takes up the full width of the value, and the indicators, including the constraints icon, are placed below it, with some awkward padding.


Implementation notes:
One way to fix this for media values is to make the .wikibase-snakview-value have display: inline-block instead of inline. But that results in awkward vertical alignment for the indicators –

– and is also terrible for plain text values, which then have exactly the same problem:

I’m not sure what else can be done here. Perhaps displaying the icon below the value is actually okay if we can get rid of the bit of padding, so that it’s flush with the left edge of the media preview?