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a small audio ogg file does not get played in full
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The following page

gets a full ~8KB base64-encoded OGG response from

but plays only the first syllable (a fraction of a second) instead of the entire word (about a second). Reproduced in Firefox 62/Windows 64-bit, IE 11, Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).

From some recent Gerrit commits I guess MediaWiki uses a 4 year old version of Kaltura. I also see a suggestion to use a different framework (Video.js?) instead of Kaltura.

A longer OGG file plays fine with or without the JS wrapper.

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Thanks for reporting this! Confirming the problem for Firefox 61 on Linux.

I also see a suggestion to use a different framework (Video.js?) instead of Kaltura.

See T100106 for that (offtopic here).

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@Ilgiz: Do you plan to work on fixing this task, as you increased the priority of this task?

You are welcome to increase priority and set yourself as task assignee if you plan to work on fixing this, as the Priority field summarizes and reflects reality and does not cause it. If you're interested in contributing code to fix this, please refer to - thanks in advance for your help!
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Confirmed that it's resolved with the video,js player frontend ("New video player" in beta features preferences)

So to be accurate. The original files are generated in a way that accurate length calculation is 'difficult', esp for short clips. The video.js player is less sensitive to this so yes would fix this. For the old player, it's possible to download the original ogg file and 'remux' it with VLC media player or something and then upload again. In that case the old player also works (i've done this for quite some files throughout the years).

Jdforrester-WMF subscribed.

Mass-Declining all open tasks about the Kaltura audio/video player, as that code is no longer used and has been deleted. See T306971 for more information.