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Push release tags
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I'd like to push release tags to the repository. As there is no review queue in place for this, I'll submit my proposal here beforehand.

  • v2.5.0: 2018-08-31 9bc37f29ceaf Merge "Fix varexists parsing and improve documentation"
  • v2.4.1: 2018-08-26 fdd971d901ab Bump version number
  • v2.4.0: 2018-04-25 8f434fa26c17 Merge "Prevent issues due to template caching"
  • v2.3.0: 2018-01-23 9e34a46e1403 Merge "Convert to extension registration"
  • v2.2.0: 2017-07-27: c75b9d4669d1 Do some maintenance
  • v2.1.0: 2014-04-01: 2e4cfb5f1ca7 Migrate to JSON i18n
  • v2.0.1: 2012-06-24: bc285d03e0ed Adjusted Variables for optimization for MW 1.20+
  • v2.0.0: 2011-11-16: 7dfd7a96c8d0 Stable release of Variables 2.0, testing complete.
  • v1.4.0: 2011-11-13: 142a662f5296 Version 1.4 of Variables extension.

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@thiemowmde Any thoughts about this? Kind of feels bad to do this without review…

I think tagging does not really need another review, when this was already done on the merged patches. However, I had a brief look and this looks good to me.

Be bold. :-)

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Thank you!