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Change pin colour and uploaded image to Wikidata if none already exists
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Contestants are asking whether/when the pins for monuments they have photographed will change from red to green. It seems that for some contributors this is a very significant motivating factor, and it should ideally happen in real-time or at least in no more than a few hours. Contestants really do want that colour-change feedback!

I suggest that Monumental should automatically add the uploaded image to Wikidata in cases where no P18 statement already exists. (Obviously that applies only in countries where Monumental is using Wikidata as its database). For faster real-time response, perhaps the pin could be displayed to the user as green immediately, with the Wikidata update happening as a batch task in the background?

At present adding the missing Wikidata P18 statement has to be done manually or via one of Magnus’s guided tools, which puts greater workloads onto WLM volunteers. There’s no reason it shouldn’t happen automatically.

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Having now reviewed this in more detail, I'd like to withdraw this suggestion, and I suggest that this task should be closed.

There are far too many upload errors made by inexperienced WLM contestants for it to be sensible to automate this. Better to use a guided tool to allow WLM organisers to update the pin colours only after an individual check of the images