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Add sub-domain sciencesource-query to expose Query Service endpoint
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Add sub-domain sciencesource-query so we can set up a separate web proxy to expose the Query Service endpoint for the WDQS query service UI for sciencesource.

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@Aklapper We will be moving our tasks planning here but don't yet have a project set up.

This is the related task to set up the sciencesource site:

ScienceSource is a WMF-funded project:

Thanks exists according to

I do not know who created and it (and if the person was aware of this ticket why the person has not closed this ticket yet). :)

@Jkbr: Do you know?

Yes, it does exist and we are using it, so this task should be closed.

I don't know who created it, though, sorry.

Thanks! (For future reference, feel free to do so via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown.)