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LogFormatter::getIRCActionText() incorrectly escaping messages
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LogFormatter::getIRCActionText() is escaping some messages but not others. It shouldn't escape any, since the content ends up in IRC (and EventStream and friends) not the html output.

Can I fix this? It should not affect very much unless something has an ", ', <, >, or & in it. There's a scary warning about back-compat referencing T36508 (albeit mostly for changing around parameter order and things, not the escaping), so I'm unclear if this is intentional

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Can you provide a few before/after examples of the exact output? Then I'll run it by a few IRC processors to see whether it is significant. Alternatively, jump in at to see what it does (as example).

Do we really want to continue to support this forever? It seems like quite a scary hack, especially considering extension logs, its message handling is kind of random and really doesn't seem like functionality MediaWiki Core should provide, but like Technical-Debt to me.

Furthermore, it doesn't work in all cases, at least for patrol/autopatrol it appears broken.