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File upload error messages don't properly take $wgFileBlacklist into account
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If you've set $wgFileExtensions[] = 'exe'; and try to upload an executable, you will get an error message:
".exe" is not a permitted file type. Permitted file types are png, gif, jpg, jpeg, doc, xls, ppt, pps, pdf, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, xml, xsd, wsdl, txt, exe, zip."
because .exe is blacklisted.

An extension being in $wgFileExtensions should probably override its being blacklisted: I assume $wgFileBlacklist is just there to make $wgStrictFileExtensions = false; safe.

Version: 1.15.x
Severity: minor



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mdale wrote:

I think there are a bit too many configuration variables here. I recommend we depreciate blacklisted extensions and only those listed in wgFileExtensions? Do we lose any functionality that way? Seems strange to have to change it in two places (ie add it to wgFileExtensions and remove it from wgFileBlacklist ) or set $wgStrictFileExtensions = false;

Fixed in r77956.

Having $wgFileBlacklist lets you set $wgStrictFileExtensions = false; to make it so that certain extensions are warned against but not blocked. I'm not sure how useful that behavior actually is, but I left it alone.