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CX2: MT of Template:Coord creates multiple coordinates entires
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Using MT, start translating an article that has Template:Coord, e.g. en:Bloody River (Canada) and click on the paragraph that has coordinates - two issues will be present then:

  • the coordinates will be displayed several times in different format
  • the coordinates also displayed duplicate in the source article panel

Compare with the article display:

This ticket causes some misalignment problems also, as in T203243.

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Kinda duplicate of T203243, which is about multiple coordinate entries breaking alignment. I'll let @Etonkovidova decide whether this ticket should be merged into T203243.

@Petar.petkovic I marked T203243 as a subtask of this task and updated the task description. I think that the issue with misalignment is T203243 caused by duplicates of coordinates, so when the fix for duplicates will be in place, T203243 can be checked along and closed.

Etonkovidova claimed this task.