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It is possible to have GeoCrumbs enabled in other name spaces with a tag similar to wmgVisualEditorAvailableNamespaces
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Hi, I'm an administrator on a wiki hosted on a farm wiki, I'm testing the extension and I see that it only works in the main space. I would like the extension to work in another content namespace (List:) but I haven't found a solution. Could you create a tag for external wikis using GeoCrumbs to use in other namespaces?

sorry if you don't understand me, I'm not a native speaker.

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Resetting priority.

This task sounds like a support question ("How can I do...?") for or but not like a bug report or feature request? :)

If I understand T47665 correctly the current behavior is intentional.

Which MediaWiki version is this about? Which extension version is this about? Also see - thanks!

@Aklapper Yeah, it's a support question hehe. Sorry, it's the first time I've opened a thread here. As I didn't know where to ask because the discussion page is very abandoned and it wasn't clear to me who the authors were. I decided to ask in Phabricator.

MediaWiki version is 1.31.0 (59f789d).

GeoCrumbs extension version is 2.0.0 (f d7e115).

The only temporary solution is to create a redirection (List:Example to Example) and in List:TestArticle add {{Isin|List:Example}} to make it work.