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Quality Assurance: Improve and increase test coverage for various Wikimedia projects
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Wikimedia has a set of established Quality Assurance (QA) processes and practices to ensure that developed features satisfy QA standards on functionality and usability. The goal of this project is to improve and increase the test coverage for various Wikimedia projects. Some of the them are:

Some of the tasks as part of this project would be executing regression tests before, and after deployment, daily smoke testing, documenting the QA process followed while performing these tests on During the three-month internship, our development teams will be deploying new changes, and interns will get an opportunity to test those changes across platforms. They will get to share their findings by documenting those changes in Wikimedia Phabricator and in the process they will learn about software QA practices and different types of testing.

Skills required

Observation skill for identifying UI glitches, methodological approach to find the steps that ensure replicating an issue consistently and being good at documenting those, detail-oriented, familiarity with error debugging using web console, experience with any bug/issue tracking tool such as: Bugzilla/Mantis/Phabricator etc.

Note: All of these skills would be nice to have but not really required. Come with a desire to learn and that’d be all!

Possible mentor(s)



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Hi @srishakatux I am interested in this project as an outreachy round 17 aspirant. From what I see, I will have to finish the microtasks first and then move to the main task. Apart from this, are there any other beginner-level issues to work with so that I become more familiar with the project? Thanks!

This message is for all candidates interested in working on this project for Outreachy. Please make sure that before you start working on this project, you've filled out an initial application to help Outreachy organizers verify whether or not you are eligible to participate in the program: It should only take you 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete.

Once you've submitted your initial application, it may take up to a week for Outreachy organizers to review your application and make a decision. Once you are approved, you can start working on the microtasks. In the meanwhile, read our participants guide and learn about the Wikimedia movement

Hi everyone! Outreachy applicant here!

I've written and run my test cases for task 1 (TemplateWizard). Where should I post the results?



@Barbvd: If you believe you have found any bug/UI issues, feel free to file them as tasks on Phabricator with exact steps to reproduce and screenshots/video capture. You can follow this link as a guide:

Thanks for participating! :)

Hi everybody! My name is Anita from Cameroon, an Applicant.
I have a question which goes to task 1(TemplateWizard), step 2; to Create test cases for different browsers.

  1. testing browsers in this context, does it mean links leading to browsers such as google chrome, mizilla, internet explorer etc. That is what exactly are we creating testing in these different browsers?
  2. Do we just have to make steps indicating how it should be done (i.e in Ms Word, Excel or note pad), or there is a technical way of doing it ?

Please anyone could help me out, either the mentor ( @Ryasmeen ) or applicants.

@Mumylulu123: Hi and welcome! Not sure I correctly understand but I hope these pointers are helpful: The code repository of TemplateWizard has a tests subfolder which includes Selenium tests (and unit tests).

Hi @Aklapper thanks for the feedback. But its not clear.
Let me ask a different question.
For step 2 (creating test cases) in task 1 (TemplateWizard), I have draft down some points in a spreadsheet attached below. I do not know if im on the right track?

Spreadsheet of test cases: