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Implement MTA-STS
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Now that we're working on T203260, we should also look at implementing MTA-STS, which in its final draft state right now (submitted to the IESG for publication). There are three parts to it:

  • Publishing a policy of our own. It's a bit more complicated than expected requiring both a DNS record and an HTTPS endpoint in a predefined domain name ( and URL (/.well-known/mta-sts.txt), but it's probably a day or two's worth of effort.
  • Getting reporting for TLS failures, especially if we originally deploy in testing mode. That's described separately in another draft RFC, TLSRPT and has the same complexities as the DMARC reporter stuff, so it should probably be tackled together.
  • Obeying others' MTA-STS policies. That will likely need Exim support and is right now non-trivial. Exim's documentation says on the subject: Exim has no support for MTA-STS as a client […]

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