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Property:P3188 Nobel prize ID new URL?
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Sep 9 2018, 6:10 PM
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Status update 2020-03:

  • a new Wikidata property 8024 is created and populated
  • Next step is to try get Nobelprize people to use this id for links to avoid linkroot

Status update 2019-10:

Status update 2018-10: T202034: Nobel data for 2017 is missing is fixed still a mess with pages and Property 3188 in WIkidata


see also

image.png (840×1 px, 278 KB)

image.png (861×1 px, 290 KB)

The following was error report at

Today in Wikidata we have the following pattern for Property:P3188 NobelPrizeID$1-facts.html

eg. Wikidata object Q36740
has NobelPrizeID = peace/laureates/1991/kyi

==> formatted URL
that is redirected to

Question A: could we change to formatted URL$1/facts

Question B: Have you also changed the part we call NobelPrizeID?
see list with 915 names

Another issue

FYI: T202034: Nobel data for 2017 is missing
last week we did set up a federated search Wikidata Nobel Data see T200668: Set up Nobel Data as federated search with Wikidata

It looks like data for 2017 is missing

Question C: do you plan to fix that?

Magnus Sälgö

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Sent a new question on

Thanks for updating with 2017 and 2018 data

I sent a question Sun, Sep 9, 8:10 PM about your new webdesign and to get the unique pages of every laureate and have received no answers...


I can see that you have an unique number for ever laureate 

example SPARQL query

Example Nadia Murad has 967

what would be good is if we could use that number as an argument to find her fact page

before Wikidata had control of those pages but now you have redesigned the web and have redirects for some old URLs and not for others.....

Some suggestions:
1) Could we get a list of the correct web pages
2) Could we get an url using just the number as an parameter and you did the redirect ==> less maintenance
3) Could the SPARQL interface we use also contain the possibility to retrieve the fact page

Magnus Sälgö
Stockholm, Sweden
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comment Talk:Q285062 the best soluion I think is

  1. store the Nobelprizewinne id in Wikidata
  2. every prizewinner has a WEB landing page just using this ID as the argument

e.g. something like a formatting string$1-facts.html
and $1 is the same id as they use in the API e.g. Q8016 has 624 and that something like will be a working URL to Churchills landing page at

image.png (420×1 px, 111 KB)

tweeted this page to Hans Mehlin working at Nobel

image.png (322×513 px, 58 KB)

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New Wikidata property create Property P8024
Next step is getting better way of creating links to web pages

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