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Allow watchlist notifications to be delivered as web notification (through Echo)
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With Echo we have the option of setting how we want to be notified about most events. Importantly we can choose if we want the notification delivered via web, email or both through mw-prefsection-echo. The exception to this are watchlist notifications where we can choose to have these notifications delivered as email on mw-prefsection-personal but we cannot chose to have them delivered as a web notification.

For new contributors this leads to some confusion as there is no reason to see the watchlist email notifications as any different from other notifications. Infrastructure wise it means we have to maintain two separate notification pipelines.

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kostajh added a subscriber: kostajh.

Tentatively moving to Q2 for Growth-Team. This could also be a good volunteer or hackathon project.

@Catrope I had planed to mentor this task for CGI but I see that it is scheduled for Q2 on the Growth-team's board. Let me know if this is something you are really interested in and I will remove it from CGI.

@SBisson sorry for the late reply, @Catrope can say otherwise if he wants but I think if you want to mentor it for CGI, go for it. We have a lot already happening right now.

Change 555764 had a related patch set uploaded (by Pppery; owner: Pppery):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Add support for watchlist events

Change 555764 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Add support for watchlist events

Something like this for Tech News?

You can get notifications when a page on your watchlist is changed. Previously you could only get them as email. Now you can get them as web notifications. [phab]

Will this be functional in wmf.11?

This won't be enabled until someone merges a config patch to enable it. When that is planned to happen I have no idea.

Since this also changes the email notifications for watchlist edits (from the old style to the Echo style), this will need to be rolled out carefully. We'd be moving a lot of people's cheese, and some pretty important cheese at that.

@Catrope Do you think we should try a rollout or work on the email content first to make it more similar to the enotif one to minimize disruption for those cheese lovers?

Email content should probably be reworked, since in its current state there's no hint that you won't get any further notification for that page until you visit the page being logged in, something important to note IMHO

I'd also recommend someone resolving the @todo I left in my patch (creating a custom icon instead of the default one) before this gets enabled.

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Is there an update on the state of this?

No; I wrote the code, and it was merged behind a configuration setting that is currently disabled (I unassigned myself because I don't plan to actually work on getting the configuration enabled on Wikipedia, because I have no experience with that social issue)

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@MMiller_WMF putting this in our discussion column for us to talk about. At a glance the issues are:

  1. Adding a custom icon
  2. The issue about reworking email content T203941#5739858
  3. Testing / QA on some environments (enwiki beta? testwiki?) to set EchoWatchlistNotifications and EchoWatchlistEmailOncePerPage

So, probably some combination of design review, code review, engineering, product review.

Change 601102 had a related patch set uploaded (by Pppery; owner: Pppery):
[mediawiki/extensions/Echo@master] Specify that watchlist emails are only sent once per page

They're unrelated, as far as I can tell. This task is about adding a new type of notification, and T252899 is about providing a new way of delivering notifications. I have no idea why my patch above conflicts with the patch for that ticket.

My bad, I interpreted "web notification" as "web push notification" in this task, but that's clearly not what it is about. The conflict is probably something generic like both adding messages to the end of the same localization file.