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Get pages with most page views (including their translated versions) on for last six months
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...because T185202 is meh and translated versions are counted separately.
I'm curious about these numbers as it's a potential data source for T653.

Event Timeline

  • : Uncheck "Show only mainspace pages"
  • Download all the top pageviews on for last six months as CSV
  • Concatenante the six files into one CSV file
  • Remove the "Edits" and "Editors" columns
  • Drop all "Special:MyLanguage/" prefixes
  • Drop language version suffixes/subpages
  • Make sure there's a heading row left
  • In Libreoffice, Data > Pivot Table > Create and drag page name column to Row Fields and drag pageview column to Data Fields

(Data also includes redirected pages separately.)

Result in P7532