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Test prototype A code with lower versions of api
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QA to be conducted to confirm that the correct graceful degradation of UIs and features when the app is used on lower API versions of the Android OS.

Feature/UIExpected behavior/display in Android OS API 22 (Lollipop) and lower.
The system status bar and icons colorPer ticket T203574 - status bar icons are shown as white icons on a tinted background
Custom overflow menu viewsPer ticket T190189 - the RHS edge of overflows should also be fixed as per later APIs.
The floating queue transition animationThe transition is slightly less smooth, but it is expected that the upon tapping the "<W" icon, the article view is minimized into the floating 'bar' above the bottom menu navigation, and tapping the floating bar there will be an animation reopening the top most article. See
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Table of contentsThe *same* transition behavior as later APIs:
a) Swiping left from the RHS edge of the article view will open the ToC (the ToC panel fades in from right)
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b) Tapping on the scroller button also opens the ToC, with the scroller button shift left slightly as the ToC pane appears
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c) Tap+Drag down on the scroller button moves the article behind it through its various sections
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@ABorbaWMF Testing on Samsung Galaxy Express 3 SM-J120A (Android 6.0.1) and Wikipedia app 2.7.239-alpha-2018-10-03. Below are screencaps of the Original Article, Article Minimized to the Bottom Menu, and the Table of Contents. Things seem to look fixed but I'll let everyone here decide. Tapping ⋮≡ hamburger opens ToC in addition to swiping.